I can win in fact i can do anything i want - GEMINI Droid Captain to Matheyous.

Biography Edit

The GEMINI were Sentient droids in the Eternal Empire that controlled the Eternal Fleet. The operation to destroy the GEMINI droids were a total failure due to Havoc Squad being ambushed by Zakuulan Knights, along with Kaliyo disobeying orders from Matheyous as not to interfere, However, she went in away's resulting into the loss of four Havoc Squad soldiers.

Personality and Traits Edit

The GEMINI droids are capable of giving command orders to the Eternal Navel battleships, including strategic battle strategies making the Eternal Fleet unstoppable and utterly dangerous.

Operation : Silent Wind Edit

When Ryan heard about a previous operation about destroying the GEMINI frequency he planned a plan on his base on Dantooine later commanded a secret operation known as Silent Wind in order to destroy the GEMINI's main source for good. Ryan and his elite squad went to Zakuul and infiltrated the GEMINI frequency. The groups casualties only suffered one dead and two injured.The team successfully destroyed the frequency making the War on Eternal Empire end with quick and swift completion.

Appearances Edit

Star Wars The Old Republic : Knights of the Fallen Empire .