Just how Stalin betrayed you all and you all we're the pawns in it all. - Rayzoar to Ryan and his gang

Should not be confused with the real life Cold War during 1953 through 1991.

Note! This is how i see the Galactic Cold War through my eyes if you want to learn more about the Star wars version of the cold war click here .

Biography Edit

The Galactic Cold War was a conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire after the Second Clone Wars and Sith's betrayal to the Republic and the Jedi Order the war formed into the Great Galactic War some say that it was the worst war then the Second Clone Wars itself.

Ally turned Rival Edit

After the Second Clone Wars the Sith Empire refused to feed the people of Jakku which resulted in back stabbed the Galactic Republic.

Republican diplomats tried to negotiate with the Sith diplomats but they didn't want to agree with peace and then later making the Jakkulans slaves and Republic Forces invaded Jakku and later engaged the Sith Empire forces on planet which later result into a war known as The Battle Of Jakku the Republic later freed the innocents of Jakku from the grip of the Sith Empire the war on Jakku lasted through 1897-1893 the war on slaved planet that was free became later known as the Galactic Cold War.

Beginning of the Galactic Cold War Edit