I hated my name "Jack" because the bullies during my childhood and teenage years always called me Jackie or Jack O, Lantern so that's why i changed it to John. -Jack telling Ryan about his name change.

Hey you know, you look like the exact same man my father chewed out. Oh really, how so? I think it had to do something with a refund he couldn't get or a contest he lost, he assumed that he quote on quote "cheated" when really my dad cheated i think i was 14 or 16 years old when he chewed that guy out. -Jack telling Octavia's father that he looked like a person that his father raged at.

Biography Edit

Jack Johnathan Clayex was a Cicadost who was kindly exiled from his home planet to Earth to live a destroy unused Geologist technology and also live a new life.

He study on the planets habitats and the human spices and cutler. He joined the U.S Army and served in World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam including the Galactic Cold War and the Supreme Galactic War.

Early Life and following Ancestral Legacy Edit