I am a veteran of the Supreme Galactic War i carried many titles with me in battle only one remains...Outlander if you want a fight i'm ready -Matheyous to Arcann before their final battle.

Biography Edit

Matheyous or Hero of Tython, The Battle-master or Outlander was a Jedi member of the Jedi Council and a decorated war veteran his memory was jarred after being in trapped frozen carbonate for five years.

He can't even make the decision of his allegiance of being a hero or villain which made him gone into a neutral path as a Grey Jedi for the rest of his days.

Early Life Edit

I was born to be a Jedi - Matheyous to Kira

Matheyous was a farmer boy who always had high hopes and dreams he even joined the Jedi and was placed in the classes of learning how to be a knight his lightsaber skills was remarkable impressive allowing him to train under the greatest of masters.

He said himself that he is a fast learner and always loved to learn new facts and things he loves history including myths and legends.

Fighting in the Galactic Cold War. Edit

Matheyous fought in the Galactic Cold War in 1895 through 1977 he battle on Taris, Nar Shaddaa, Tatooine Alderaan etc.

His actions in the support of the Republic had him excel through the ranks quickly than any other soldier in history his war record says that "Matheyous was one of the greatest Jedi Knights i ever battle alongside with he wasn't afraid to fight he's not like any other Jedi".

After the end of the Galactic Cold War Matheyous went on "temporary retirement" spending time with Kira breaking the Jedi rule on no attachments and starting a relationship with her when Matheyous was called on the frontlines again he was pulled back to duty and now fighting in the galaxy's most brutal war against the Sith Empire.

Fighting In the Supreme Galactic War Edit

When the Galaxy's Cold War resulted into a Third Clone War both Republic and Empire all hell broke loose as fire's we're darkening skies with the two powers engaged with each other the war engaged only seven months with both Republic and Imperial diplomats both agreed to end this fruitless war by making a full stable peace treaty.

Matheyous and all Jedi and Republic forces are all pulled out of the short seven month war Matheyous then had a full vacation marrying his new wife and enjoying his happy new life.

Remnants War Edit