I never wanted to be a famous celebrity anyways i do it for fun when i was a kid -Rachael to James.

Biography Edit

Rachael Newman as Anna's and Abby's older sister her younger sister Abby will always tease her by calling her bubble butt Rachael she loves Karaoke and is a good friend to Joshua Johnathan Hartsock.

Early Life as a high school student. Edit

Rachael had a normal life in high school and never bothered with the bullies who scolded her saying "It's just a waste of time why bother" she hated prom and said why need a date to prom when you can do something else worth your time i'd rather continue focusing on my life and what i am going to do when i become a young adult she later graduated and went off to live by herself in life.

Rachael meeting Andrew Edit

Rachael was one day walking through the neighborhood until she saw a what appears to be a black colored version of a Robin Hood costume.

As the mysterious figure came down from his ninja spire pose he said to Rachael "Is that your belt?" Rachael said "Yes it is where did you found it?" The 15 year old teenager introduced himself and said "My name is Andrew...Andrew Leon Brodric Gonzalez but you can all me Andy."

Rachael said "Nice to meet you and thank you for finding my belt i assume it was stolen?"

Andrew said "Yes it was i got it back." Rachael flirt and said "Here is a special reward for a daring handsome thief stealing from other criminals."

Rachael gave him a kiss on the lips and Andrew blushed and smiled saying "Their is no need to reward a hero like myself" Rachael said "You deserved it" as she walked about Andrew said "I hope we can meet again." Rachael said "I hope so."

Meeting Drake Edit