Why is this London place so foggy? I don't know Rex i really don't know uh...maybe someone accidentally triggered a smoke bomb? Maybe that could be a coincidence. - Rex and Jack thinking about why London is foggy.

NO! I am not being BAIT not this time you be the bait and i place the crazy plans i enough of you guys using me as bait i am sick of it. - Rex telling his friends that he doesn't want to be bait anymore.

Biography Edit

Rexford "Tyrone" Clayex is a Cicadost and the younger brother of Jack Clayex he went with his older sibling to his quest on earth to preserve all Geologist technology.

He joined the United States Marine Core and fought in World War I on the naval ships, and World War II against the Japanese Army on the islands he later fought in both Korea and Vietnam after his engagement with the Viet Cong he suffered P.T.S.D from battling the Viet Cong.

Early Life and Childhood Edit